A dental crown is a perfect way to protect a tooth that has a lot of damage done to it from daily wear and tear. Instead of having your entire tooth covered with the crown, only the damaged part of the tooth is covered while the rest remains normal.

This makes it possible for you to eat anything you want without worrying about what you’re eating harming your precious teeth because they’re protected by a layer which is resistant to most substances.

Reasons People Might Need A Dental Crown

1. Torn Or Broken Teeth

When someone’s tooth has been damaged to the point that they can’t chew their food normally, they need to get a dental crown to take care of the problem. This is because it covers over the top of the tooth, so you don’t have an exposed nerve at the center of your mouth.

2. Gums Issues Related to Wisdom Teeth

If you’ve had your wisdom teeth removed, but your mouth didn’t heal properly after everything was said and done, you might need to get a dental crown put on your tooth so you can chew without any trouble.

3. Cracked Or Broken Teeth

If someone has experienced extensive damage to their teeth, they might not be able to chew anything that’s too hard or else their teeth will break even more than they already have. In this case, getting a dental crown is the best way for them to protect their teeth and make it possible for them to eat whatever they want.

4. To Whiten Your Smile

If you’re unhappy with the color of your teeth, having a dental crown placed over top of some of your teeth can give you whiter looking teeth in between brushings for more effective results.

What Are Dental Crowns Made Of?

All dental crowns are made out of different types of metals that have been combined with other materials in order to help people get the perfect look for their teeth while still being able to chew their food easily. Some of these materials include:


A very popular material for making dental crowns, porcelain is strong enough to be placed over your teeth without breaking under pressure. It’s also translucent so it can make your smile look like it has whiter and brighter teeth because the color blends naturally with your natural tooth colors.


This type of metal doesn’t contain any lead, which means you won’t be at risk for getting sick if you accidentally swallow or accidentally have it come into contact with your mouth.


One of the most expensive materials that can be used for a full set of dental crowns, gold is also the heaviest metal that’s currently being used for this type of procedure. However, it can be quite expensive to get a gold dental crown installed.


A very popular option when it comes to getting a silver dental crown, this type of material is used most often when people only have one or two teeth that need repairing or replacing.