Emergency Dental Care

Whenever you have exposed to any pain or emergency, you will quickly approach the first aid box. Like if you have a cut on your hand you will quickly open the first aid box and apply the appropriate medication.

But what if you are facing some dental issue? Here we are going to explain the first aid or in case of a dental emergency what you need to do for prevention. You should know the dental issue in detail so you would make a better decision either to take emergency dental care or visit a regular dentist.

Therefore, we are mentioning some common dental emergences below:

  1. Toothache
    Pain in the tooth is the alarm of many problems, better to identify them for taking correcting treatment. The most common reason for toothache or tooth pain is an infection in gum or pulp and when some food is stuck between teeth.

    These problems will cause sudden pain in the teeth and with time the intensity of pain is gone higher. Therefore, you need to get first aid before visiting the dentist.

    The emergency care for above mention issue is compression of cold on your gum. It will help to reduce the alleviation and pain or control any discomfort or your oral system.
  2. Chips or Cracks
    When chewing any hard food may cause chips or crack of teeth. Cracking of teeth may also be because of hard hits on the face. The clenching and grinding of teeth may cause cracks in teeth.

    So, if you are also having a chipped or cracked tooth then visit the dentist is a prior recommendation. And keep your fragment tooth with you when visiting the dentist for inspection and cure.

    Keep the fragmented tooth safe keep it in water glass or milk.
  3. Loose or Knocked-Out Teeth
    A loosened tooth needs to be fixed in its pot is mandatory. So, if you have any loosen tooth you have to go for emergency dental care. Otherwise, the tooth will be knocked out and you have to fix an artificial tooth in replacement.

    This replacement is only through filling and crowning procedure and that is a far more painful and expensive treatment.
  4. Soft Tissue Injury
    Dental care also includes the tissues of lips, gum, inside cheeks, and tongue. If any of these issues will be damage you need to see the dentist. If the case is not severe then you can go for emergency dental care or home remedy like rinsing the mouth with warm water and then apply pressure on the bleeding area. This will help you to stop the bleeding so you can cure it.
  5. Restoration (Temporary and Permanent)
    To fill the missing tooth, you need to hold a crown on it. In case if the temporary crown comes off it is not a dental emergency. But it is very important to keep it fixed again to be safe from dirt and infection. 

    Until you visit the dentist you can fix it back with the help of Vaseline or Chapstick. 
  6. Other Dental Emergencies
    To save the tooth you need to quickly visit emergency dental care in case of any dental issue. A severe infection may cause a root canal or your dentist will refer you to an endodontist for cleaning and drain your tooth.

In conclusion, we would recommend that in case of toothache, teeth that are chipped and cracked, the loosen and knocked out tooth, damage tissues of your oral, and dental restoration you should visit the dentist. 

Any related issue needs to go to emergency dental care for timely treatment. For safety purposes, we already mention the home remedies and first aid treatments please follow that as well.

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